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About me

Hello There! 🙂 I got into D&D during my days in theatre since high school, since then it became a game I adored and looked forward to playing! Creating home brew worlds and fun adventures for my players to go through. Watching the different paths and choices my players would make over the years to this day teaches me how to be a better DM! 🔥 I am huge on respect and communication for all my players. I always make sure my players are comfortable and are having a fun time most of all. I also absolutely go all in on my games with lots of effort behind the scenes with NPCs, creating beautiful worlds! Even attempting to do voices to make every character feel different and special! I love integrating my player character’s backstories into the heart of the campaign and love building ideas and plot points based off that as it makes the world feel real and alive! I look forward to being your DM and building awesome relationships together and epic memories throughout our adventures! Cheers!🍺

GM style

My style is all into role play and diving into player character backstories and weaving them into the heart of the story. I highly enjoy character development and progression as every moment in my games matter for your characters and how they perceive the world around them. I love doing voices for each of my characters, not a professional voice actor yet but strive to be as D&D is a very fun place to practice. Nonetheless I use voices to give each character personality and feel different so you as a player will enjoy interacting with each one. I absolutely enjoy combat as a heavy drama and nail biting experience, as a player you’ll care deeply about the characters around you and the consequences that could happen to the world that your in. I would say, I am more heavy on role play, but I use combat to build and put pressure on the story and have an impact on your decisions. ⚔️ I implement some home brew rules, using the rules as a base. I make sure I play test these rules so that they are fair, only to add more intensity to the experience like combat. I love creating worlds and the history to them, as I feel it adds to the experience as a player making it feel much more alive and exciting! 🌎 Respect and Communication are huge to me, as I believe it’s my responsibility to make sure everyone feels comfortable at “the table”. I’m also available mostly all the time, so we can talk either in voice chat or text via discord about character backstories and the world or any other questions or concerns as well!😁


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