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About me

Hello and welcome adventurer! My Name is Turk. I have been a Game Master for 10+ years. I have a life-long passion for storytelling and roleplaying. I specialize in homebrew adventures catered to your character's story and ideas! I can cover all your fantasy needs with a light-hearted tone full of jokes that will make the whole party laugh. Big battles in amazing locations? Post-apocalyptic world of grit and survival? Exploration and puzzles? Romance and comedy? Mysteries to Solve? I can do it. However, if you like premade adventures, I'm up for it. If you want a dark and deep story I can do it. If you are a new player, I'll find a suitable campaign for you, homebrew or pre-made. I run games through D&D Beyond/shardtabletop and Discord for voice and music. I run 2 live streamed games every week on if you would like to check out my DMing style. The stream is 18+ and the streams are saved so you can check it out even if we aren't live currently. If you are already a fan of the show and would like to play a campaign in our world setting and make it canon in our world we can do that also. We will not be live streaming the gameplay sessions unless decided on beforehand. Pricing Deals: If you have a group of 3 - 5 players and are looking for a DM for a long-term persistent campaign I currently have a spot open just for that. Additionally, I will give you and your group a cut on the price for the long term campaign.

GM style

I am a GM that is all about the players, If you are having fun then we are all having fun. I will ask you what you want from the game. That being said, I always try to make balanced games that involve a little bit of everything. Variation makes session flow easier and players tend to never get bored. If you choose to play in my homebrewed world the things you do in this world will become canon to the lore of the world. The world will be shaped by your actions and everything you do, even the tiniest choice might ripple out and change things forever for other players down the line to encounter. I'm a DM that favors "the rule of cool" above all else. I value players who will roleplay their characters with the rest of the group but also players who will try to use fun tactics in combat, instead of repeating a cantrip or a basic attack. I try not to let the rules in the book outweigh what the players want to do, but I will say no to an idea that doesn't work within the boundaries of the game and give you an alternative. I specialize in homebrewed adventures and stories catered to your character's backstory and ideas. I can also run you a by-the-book campaign of any of the current published adventures. If that is what your group wants. I also love running one-shot games of varying systems like crash pandas and honey heist ect. I am also open to people brand new to D&D, I will walk you through everything and help you understand how things work. I only work with players 18+


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