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G’day Guys and Gals, DM Ben at your service. Born in Adelaide, I grew up in the Murray Lands of South Australia and later settled in Murray Bridge. Now married and have three daughters (at least one of them has shown an interest in playing D&D with daddy, yay!). I discovered D&D in high school and met my life-long friends who still play the game with me to this day. With 25 years experience behind the dungeon master screen I can run games suited to any experience level, newbies to veteran role players. I specialise in 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons but excited about expanding my repertoire to other games too. I can do short one-shot adventures or extended sprawling campaigns. My favourite published adventure is Curse of Strahd but I usually run my games in a world of my own creation. I enjoy teaching newbies the basics and love watching them turn into avid fans!

GM style

I love this game and am passionate about teaching others the intricacies of roleplaying and the joy of seeing people come together to collectively tell a compelling and thrilling story. My games range from causal fun with lots of combat and puzzles to serious in-depth experiences with lots of role-playing and intrigue, or anywhere in between! Be warned, I do attempt different voices and accents, I'm terrible at it but that adds to the fun. I've even been threatened with divorce! Player Reviews “Classic, adaptable fantasy with a relaxed roleplay style and rich storylines.” - Chelsea Curd “A great storyteller, games always feel like we are part of an epic adventure not a board game 👍 Also seamlessly inserts the dice results into how the story is told.” - Tim Law

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