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About me

I have been playing Dungeons & Dragons for over 10 years now and have found that I am extremely passionate when it comes to storytelling. My favorite thing to do is to have my players laughing out loud, being immersed in the story, thinking strategically in combat, deep emotional roleplaying moments, and of course, having the freedom to blindside me with unique ideas. As a middle school/ high school Social Studies teacher in NYC, I've had an amazing opportunity to bring Tabletop Roleplaying to classrooms across the Bronx. This game in particular has allowed me to teach skills like reading, writing, quick math, and a huge social-emotional learning component in a gamified curriculum. During the Summer I also spend time traveling so that I can run games at conventions my favorite being Gencon. (although I won't be attending until they have stricter Covid regulations). Being able to speedrun games for 4 days/nights is a blitz I often do not get to experience in my regular day-to-day so I love the pace and feel that it's a great way to sharpen some often underutilized skills.

GM style

As a Dungeon Master/Game Master, my style can be described as collaborative and adaptable. I believe that the role of the DM is to facilitate and guide the story, not to dictate it. My players are the true creators of their adventures and I strive to provide a supportive and engaging environment that allows their creativity to flourish. I am a strong advocate for player agency and strive to provide meaningful choices and consequences for my players to experience. I also value player-driven storytelling, and will often let the actions and decisions of the players shape the world and the story. In addition to fostering player agency, I place a strong emphasis on world-building and immersion. I take great care to create rich and detailed settings, complete with intricate lore, dynamic and well-rounded NPCs, and interesting and diverse locations. I also aim to create a believable and coherent game world by adhering to established rules and logical consequences. I believe in fostering a fun and inclusive gaming environment for all players. I prioritize player safety, both physically and emotionally, and make sure everyone feels comfortable and respected at the table. In terms of pacing, I strive for a good balance between exploration, social interaction, and combat. I believe that all three elements are important to a well-rounded game and aim to provide a varied and engaging experience for my players. Overall, my approach as a Dungeon Master is to create an enjoyable and memorable gaming experience for all involved. I value player creativity, player agency, and a rich and immersive world, and will do my best to facilitate these elements in each session.


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