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The Kindly Cleric
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About me

David Lee, who garners acclaim as "The Kindly Cleric," stands as a venerable Dungeon Master with a rich background of over 20 years of experience. Hosting games on StartPlaying.Games, David brings a unique combination of skills and passions to the table, making each session a memorable adventure. He is not only a talented fantasy author but also an engaging public speaker, skilled actor, compassionate counselor, insightful coach, and a devoted 3D printing enthusiast. David's mastery in weaving intricate tales is unmatched. He crafts his game worlds with an author's eye for detail, creating vivid landscapes that feel as real as any described in the pages of a fantasy novel. His characters are brought to life with distinct voices and personalities, each rendered with care and depth thanks to his skills in voice acting. This attention to characterization helps players truly connect with the story and immerse themselves in the game. But David's talents extend beyond narration. He is an innovator at the gaming table, always bringing a "bag of tricks" that includes clever puzzles, strategic combat scenarios, and unexpected plot twists that keep even the most experienced players on their toes. His background in counseling and coaching allows him to tailor his approach to each group, ensuring that every player, from the shyest to the most outgoing, feels valued and engaged. Additionally, David’s enthusiasm for 3D printing brings a unique, tangible element to his games. He designs and prints detailed models and miniatures that not only captivate the imagination but also enrich the visual and tactical aspects of his campaigns. These models help visualize complex scenes and enhance the overall gameplay experience. David is also a committed ally to the LGBTQIA+ community, ensuring his table is always inclusive and welcoming to all players. He takes particular joy in teaching new players, guiding them through the complexities of the game with patience and enthusiasm. David Lee's sessions are more than just games; they are comprehensive, immersive experiences where storytelling, character development, and technical creativity come together seamlessly. Whether guiding a party through epic battles or deep into the mysteries of uncharted lands, David ensures that every encounter is not just played but truly experienced.

GM style

David Lee's Dungeon Mastering style is marked by a focus on moving role-play and narrative gravity, which lend epic proportions to battle scenes, deepening the overall game experience. He embraces the "rule of cool," encouraging imaginative and spectacular player actions that amplify the session's excitement. David welcomes shenanigans and clever improvisations, as long as they enrich the storyline, ensuring that each session is not only lively and unpredictable but also creatively engaging and narratively fulfilling.


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