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About me

Hi! My name is Chad and I've been in love with TTRPGs since the mid-80s. For me, it's always been about the collaborative storytelling process. I love playing with diverse groups who each bring their own ideas, experiences and secret sauce to the table to make characters, environments and events come alive.

GM style

Roleplay = Heavy // Rules = Light My personal style of gameplay is character-driven stories. I aspire to explore the psychology behind PCs and NPCs as they explore the world and find their motivation. Why do they do the things that they do? If you prefer rule-lawyering and super crunchy tactical stuff, I am NOT your GM! I prefer quick, deadly (but fair) combat over three hour sessions of trying to hit that magical natural 17 on the dice to get through the BBEGs insane armor. My games are very new-player friendly. I provide pre-gen characters for drop-in/out play and use a simple d20 system for my homebrew games to reduce math (because... math). If we are playing Pathfinder 2.0 or D&D 5e, I will use the by-the-book rules and err on the side of fun.

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