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About me

Hi all! I work full time in the higher education field and spend time DMing play-by-post games on the side. I enjoy collaborative story telling and character progression. I normally stick to D&D 5E but have been known to try other systems and game styles. I love learning new things! 🌈 As a queer, bipoc Gamemaster, I celebrate diversity and foster an inclusive environment where everyone's voice is heard and valued. I strive to create a safe and welcoming space where players from all backgrounds can feel comfortable and express themselves freely. ⚖️ In my games, fairness is paramount. I believe in striking a balance between following the rules and embracing the rule of cool. I'll ensure everyone has a chance to shine, empowering your characters to unleash their heroic potential while maintaining a consistent and engaging gameplay experience. 🌟Your enjoyment is my utmost priority. I believe that happy players make for unforgettable campaigns. I'll actively listen to your ideas, preferences, and feedback to tailor the game to your desires. Together, we'll craft a collaborative and immersive experience where your characters' stories unfold in remarkable ways. 🎭Do you have a unique ruleset in mind or wish to modify an existing one? Look no further! I'm always excited to explore interesting rulesets and adapt them to create dynamic gameplay experiences. From classic fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons to the captivating world of Pokémon Tabletop Rulesets, I'm constantly expanding my repertoire. 💌 In the realm of Play by Post (PbP), where the written word comes alive, I shine. My preferred method of play is PbP, providing an immersive and flexible experience for those with busy schedules. With carefully crafted narratives, descriptive storytelling, and engaging interactions, I'll ensure every post draws you deeper into the adventure. 🔮 Contact me now to reserve your spot at the table and let the games begin!🔮

GM style

🤝 Fairness forms the foundation of my Game Master style. I believe in creating an equitable gaming experience where every player has an opportunity to shine and contribute to the story. I will ensure that rules and mechanics are applied consistently and transparently, fostering a sense of fairness and trust at the table. ⚖️ While maintaining fairness, I also embrace the concept of bending the rules when it enhances player enjoyment. Roleplaying games are all about storytelling, creativity, and the extraordinary. I understand that there are moments where adhering strictly to the rules might stifle the fun or limit the potential for epic and memorable experiences. 🌟The "rule of cool" is a principle I adhere to when it comes to bending the rules. This means that if a player comes up with an exciting or imaginative idea that might stretch the boundaries of the established mechanics, I am open to exploring it. I encourage players to think outside the box, and if their ideas align with the spirit of the game and contribute to an enjoyable experience, I am willing to adapt the rules to accommodate them. ⚔️ In instances where rules become points of contention or disagreement, I approach them with an open mind and a willingness to find a fair resolution. I believe in open communication and encourage players to voice their concerns or propose alternative interpretations. Together, we can discuss and reach a consensus that maintains a balance between the rules and the enjoyment of everyone involved. 🎉 Ultimately, my goal as a Game Master is to create a fun and engaging experience for all players. I strive to strike a balance between rules adherence and providing moments of excitement and surprise. By combining fair gameplay with imaginative storytelling and the occasional rule-bending, I aim to ensure that everyone at the table feels invested, entertained, and eager to participate in the adventure. Remember, my Game Master style revolves around finding the sweet spot where fairness and fun intertwine. I'm here to provide an enjoyable and memorable experience for you and your fellow players, while also fostering an inclusive and collaborative gaming atmosphere. Let's embark on a remarkable journey together, where the rules enhance the enjoyment and create unforgettable moments!

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