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About me

Hey everyone! šŸ‘‹ I'm a full-time higher education worker who also loves to run play-by-post games on the side. šŸŽ² I'm all about collaborative storytelling and watching characters grow. While I mainly stick to D&D 5E, I'm always up for trying out new systems and game styles. Learning new things is my jam! šŸ“š šŸŒˆ As a queer, bipoc Gamemaster, I'm all about celebrating diversity and making sure everyone feels included and heard in my games. šŸŒŸ Creating a safe and welcoming space where everyone can be themselves is super important to me. āš–ļø Fairness is key in my games. I believe in finding a balance between following the rules and letting cool moments happen. Every character gets a chance to shine, and I'll make sure the gameplay stays exciting and consistent. šŸŒŸ Your fun is my top priority! I'm here to listen to your ideas and feedback, and I'll do my best to tailor the game to what you enjoy. Together, we'll create an awesome adventure where your characters' stories come to life. šŸŽ­ Want to try out a unique ruleset or tweak an existing one? I'm all for it! Let's explore new ways to play and make the game even more dynamic and fun. šŸ’Œ I love play-by-post because it's flexible and immersive, perfect for busy schedules. With detailed storytelling and engaging interactions, I'll make sure every post draws you deeper into the adventure. šŸ”® Ready to join in on the fun? Reach out to reserve your spot at the table and let's start the adventure! šŸ”®

GM style

šŸ¤ Fairness is key in my Game Master style. I believe in giving every player a chance to shine and contribute to the story. Rules and mechanics are applied consistently and transparently, building trust and fairness at the table. āš–ļø While fairness is important, I'm also all about bending the rules to enhance player enjoyment. Roleplaying games are about creativity and storytelling, so I'm open to imaginative ideas that stretch the boundaries. If it adds to the fun, let's explore it! šŸŒŸ I follow the "rule of cool" principle, meaning if a player comes up with an exciting idea that might bend the rules a bit, I'm game. Let's think outside the box and make the game epic and memorable! āš”ļø If rules become a point of contention, I'm all ears. Open communication and finding a fair resolution are key. Let's talk it out and make sure everyone's having a good time. šŸŽ‰ My goal as a Game Master is to create a fun and engaging experience for everyone. By balancing rules adherence with moments of excitement, I aim to keep everyone invested and entertained. Let's embark on this journey together, where fairness and fun go hand in hand! šŸŽ²

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