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About me

"You are walking down a hall, in front of you, you see a figure with a large axe and blocking your path". "Ok, I will go the other way I came." "When you turn around you see another creature similar to the first, and in a threatening posture. What do you do?" "Ok, the one in the front of the path, can I run, slide underneath him and come up to hit him from behind?" "Sure, roll that dice right there, the D20. Yes..." "Ok, I got a 14 on the dice!" "You slide underneath the creature, coming up behind it, and smack it hard!" And that is how I was introduced to Dungeons and Dragons back in 1988 by my friend Rudy at the Jackie Robinson Projects in El Paso, TX. I work to bring that level of excitement and fun for all players and look forward to bringing the best game for you.

GM style

Games should be safe spaces for players to interact and enjoy the time they invest in. I run various game styles (classic fantasy, horror, sci fi, cyberpunk). Rules have their place however, I believe in the rule of cool. If a player wants to do something, describe it first, then if a roll is necessary, the DM will ask for one. **For all of my games, I use terrain, props and miniatures. If you decide to provide an STL for your character, I will print the miniature using my 3D Printer, paint them to your specifications and use it in the game. When your character completes the campaign, I will mail you your painted miniature.**


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