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About me

I have been playing TTRpgs since 1988. My first DM experience was running Dragon Lance using the Rules Encyclopedia. Since then I have played in 2nd Edition, 3/3.5 and now 5th. I have also ran games with the Alien RPG/Blade Runner/Symbaroum rule sets. I also run games at Origins Yearly along with One Shots for players locally.

GM style

Table Top RPG Game – GM Sam I prefer a mix of game styles to enrich the story the players want to participate in. Platform – Twitch/Zoom with on the table terrain and miniatures with camera set up (similar to Critical Role). Game: OPEN (See below) Complexity: Beginner Friendly. Mature Content – High Fantasy violence. Adult language permitted with the following caveats. I have two non-negotiables: No sexual violence No violence to children Adult themes can be inferred but not played out in game. All players will and should be respected. Requirements – Decent Internet, MIC Time and Date – DM is in Eastern time zone and can run games at various days and times. Run time 3 – 4 hours. Character Creation – Player’s Handbook, Tasha’s, Xanathar’s – Players will turn in character sheet for review and reference prior to first session start (email will be provided to players for turn in). Home Brew rules – Yes. Will be explained in Session 0. Available 5E D&D Campaign Worlds** I can and will run: • Forgotten Realms (not just Sword Coast) – Including Asian Based Adventures (Far East) • Ravenloft (Fantasy Horror / Gothic Earth) • Dark Sun (I have access to a 5th Ed D&D Supplement as well as the Arcanis / Codex of the Mind Psionic rules to enhance gameplay) • Al Qadim (Middles Eastern/Arabian/Egyptian) • Dragon Lance I can also run: * Alien RPG (Sci Fi Horror) * Symbaroum (Dark Fantasy) * Blade Runner RPG (Cyberpunk style investigative game play) **-Note that I own an expansive library of material from the listed D&D Game worlds from their inception to today. I will pull from these sources to enrich the game world and game play. Beginning Character Level – depends on campaign type. Campaign Length – Depends on group’s need / desires. Number of Players – Minimum 4, maximum 6. GM Style – Rules have their place however, I believe in the rule of cool. If a player wants to do something, describe it first, then if a roll is necessary, the DM will ask for one. Rule of cool is designed to allow players the flexibility to interact with and play within a living and breathing world. If there is a question about a rule, ask and a prompt discussion and decision can be made. Plenty of role play and combat opportunities (they are not mutually exclusive). Not every situation can be solved diplomatically and not all need be solved in physical conflict. Interaction and dialogue may be theater of the mind with supporting maps, pictures, etc. City/Adventuring encounters will have miniatures and terrain set ups for the player’s pleasure and enjoyment. Same for dungeons, wilderness settings. Camera angles will be used to help facilitate these set ups and ease the players into the table’s gaming. All actions have consequences, good bad or indifferent. It is not my job as the DM to “beat you” or make a less than favorable experience for you. Nor do I expect the players to “win at D&D”. It is a collaborative experience for all of us to enjoy. Please respect other players time “on stage”. Everyone deserves their time in the sun as it were. Please be respectful of each other and of yourselves. Link of my time running a game at a game store in Ohio: (We were able to record approximately 19 episodes before the series was discontinued).


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