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About me

Filmmaker by Day, GM by night. Good night, kindred! I'm Sia GM with 5+ years of experience, professional screenwriter, streamer and horror enthusiast. I'm a female-identifying member of LGBTQI+ and a Russian-Ukrainian refugee. Five years ago I discovered Vampire the Masquerade and absolutely fell in love with the system. Since then I became go-to GM for my all friends and almost never play the game. "Always a bride, never a bridesmaid" or more like "always the wedding planner, never the guest". Now I'm taking GMing as my personal storytelling playground, creating fun, immersive stories for my players. And my proudest moments is hearing players tell stories of our games at parties.

GM style

I'm very flexible, but tend to be more focused on roleplaying than combat or dungeon crawling. I love to create compelling, dramatic stories with my players. As a screenwriter and a filmmaker I tend to concentrate more on the story and personal character development. I believe that TTRPG is a great way to tell complex stories and explore characters and personalities. However that doesn't mean my games are purely serious, I do enjoy a lot of humor and chaos in my games. A lot of my games are purely comedic. I always go with what my players want and need. I have no problem to change the dynamic, tone and/or story for the players.


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