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Hey there, fellow adventurers! I'm your friendly GM-for-hire, and I'm here to make your TTRPG experiences unforgettable. 🌟 Why I GM: For the Love of Player Stories I got dragged to a dark basement back in 2010 and it changed my life. I rolled up a deep gnome monk who couldn't speak the common tongue and experienced a year-long campaign that ended in an almost TPK (Total Party Kill)... needless to say and I couldn't resist jumping into the GM's seat shortly after. I was hooked. What drives me is not just storytelling; it's weaving your unique tales into a rich tapestry of adventures. It's not about MY story; it's about YOURS. πŸ§™ From D&D to... Beyond My journey began with D&D 3.5 and later found a home in the intricate world of Pathfinder. But in 2015, when 5e arrived, I saw an opportunity to put the spotlight on narrative over rules. That's when things truly clicked for me, and I discovered my passion. I ran mult-year games for my home group all the way up until... the great Cataclysm... 2020 🌌 Exploring New Horizons In 2020, on top of my normal gaming group having to move to online, my quest for diverse storytelling led me to explore a myriad of systems beyond the mainstream. I became enamored with the Cypher System by Monte Cook Gamesβ€”a perfect blend of narrative freedom and solid rules for those who crave character depth and optimization. That's where I make my home for my... home game these days but I always love mixing it up and playing new systems. It makes me a better GM and storyteller, and it makes YOUR games better!

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πŸš€ What Sets Me Apart I'm not just a GM; I'm a storyteller who's obsessed with making your character's journey the star. I'm here to create immersive worlds where your backstories drive the narrative. Let's embark on epic adventures together that you'll remember for a lifetime. Ready to delve into the realm of storytelling with me? Let's start a new chapter together! 🌟


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