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Bob (he/him)




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1 year on StartPlaying


27 games hosted


Highly rated for: Creativity, Storytelling, World Builder


Average response time: 2 hours


Response rate: 100%

About me

Hello there! Embark on unforgettable journeys guided by a Dungeon Master with a background in screenwriting from the film industry. With over a decade of experience, our tabletop RPG adventures are crafted to make you, the players, the dynamic actors in an ever-unfolding narrative. šŸŽ­ Narrative Magic: Immerse yourself in a world where every decision counts. Experience the rule of cool and collaborative storytelling, weaving epic tales that transcend the boundaries of traditional DND. šŸŽ„ Multimedia Extravaganza: During Missions, Campaigns and more I will bring my skills from my time in the film industry to make a unforgettable experience. From Cinematics to Character arts and even Audio Dramas of scenes. Follow our adventures on Instagram, dive into epic tales on YouTube, and join the lively discussions on Discord. Your journey begins here! šŸŒ± Growth and Guidance: Whether you're a novice or a seasoned veteran, join a community that values growth. I specialize in nurturing new players, turning them into strategic masterminds, and fostering an atmosphere where everyone thrives. šŸŽ² Versatility Unleashed: From the grim battles of 40k Deathwatch to the suspense of ALIEN RPG and the laughter-filled Dungeons and Dragons escapades, I've mastered diverse systems to cater to every adventurer's taste. šŸŒ TattleTalesRPG: Step into a new era of DND! Dive into daily RP, crossover events, and navigate a world teeming with multiple factions. Be part of a community that breathes life into stories with art, ongoing narratives, and world immersion. I am looking to build TattleTales intoa truly unique experience. Unleash your imagination, join the adventure! šŸš€āœØ Instagram: Discord: YouTube:

GM style

As a GM, I have a passion for roleplaying and embracing the rule of cool. My focus is on creating a vibrant and immersive world, where character interactions play a crucial role. I believe that using character voices is essential, and I try to incorporate them as much as possible. I am also versatile when it comes to combat, offering both crunchy tactical excitement and seamless transitions into Theatre of the Mind battles. My goal is to provide a dynamic and engaging experience for all players, combining the best of both worlds. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, I specialize in introducing new players to the game, and everyone is welcome to join. So, why wait? Join me on adventure!


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