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About me

I teach in College, and it always astounds me that I've been playing ttrpgs for longer than my students have been alive - by a lot. That's over thirty years of rolling dice and creating worlds and making funny voices at a table surrounded by friends! I've mostly been a GM or DM for most of those, and creating worlds, writing adventures, and sharing them with a group of people who then get to make them their own and take them in totally unexpected directions has been one of my great joys. I currently stream several games on Twitch, both with Guild Superior and on my own channel (you can easily find example of my work if you want to get a sense of my style). I love creating a sense of discovery and wonder in my games, and always strive to surprise players. I prefer RP-heavy games, though I also believe that combat and conflict resolved through tactics or dice-rolls can be a great source of fun, and add a great dynamic to any game. My strengths are imagination, NPC role-play, my sense of humor, and my ability to keep surprising players. As a teacher, I also have a strong sense of conflict resolution, and the ability to help guide along people with less experience. I strive to create meaningful games, rich in atmosphere and engaging themes. I strongly believe in a sense of equality and respect around my table, and provide safety tools to help us all better enjoy our gaming moments. TTRPGs are all about a shared sense of creation and storytelling, where we empower each other around the table to create meaningful and emotional connections. I invite both players new to the hobby, as well as veterans, to come join me on some fun adventures! I specialize in the following games: Vaesen, Blade Runner, Lord of the Rings 5e, Shadowrun 3rd, Kult: Divinity Lost, Dragonbane, D&D 5E, as well as a host of others. I'm always happy to learn a new system for special requests! Find me here:

GM style

I'm very imaginative and always create interesting and memorable NPCs. I prefer a "rule of cool" approach, where players are encouraged to do fun things with less of a strict focus on the rules. Role-play is my main focus, though I also enjoy fast and loose combat. I'm usually pretty good at building atmosphere, and providing surprises at the table. I like using a VTT and subscribe to several Patreons that make great, evocative maps, in addition to making several of my own. Overall, I'm more of a "let's have fun in the moment" GM.


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