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About me

Hey everyone!! I am Beara, and I have been playing TTRPGs since 2006. I became a Game Master in 2014, and never looked back! Much of my experience, and my specialization, is Dungeons and Dragons. I am a part of two D&D content streams, one as a GM, and one a player! I am also a Junior Story teller for St Pete by Night! I run games for everyone and enjoy teaching these games to new people. I hope to roll dice with you soon! I was obsessed with telling stories when I was a kid, but I fell in love with creating worlds after becoming a GM. The thing I love most about my job is watching my players see their impact on the world. Which is why I shifted my focus as a GM to be more player focused instead of task focused; and created a world that their decisions do not just impact their story, but they can impact the stories of others as well. I want to keep making this world bigger and invite you all to join me so we can all make a wonderful and unforgettable story. Disclaimer: I do not tolerate bigotry in any form at my table. Everyone is welcomed here and will be respected. We use safety tools and respect personal boundaries. If you are a nazi, a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a transphobe, a xenophobe, or bear any view point of a similar nature; I am making it clear right now that you are not welcome to my table or on any of my platforms.

GM style

I am a heavy role play GM! I love doing voices and getting into character so that I can provide memorable encounters. I enjoy combat, and introducing unique mechanics to make encounters interesting as well! One of the biggest things that makes my games interesting would be that I have made a living world to interact in. The decisions you make in session can impact the games of players in different campaigns, and vice versa. I am very homebrew friendly, and will certainly bend the rules to make the story more interesting! I am open to pretty much anything my players would like to do, and will happily work with them to make their vision for their character come to life.

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