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About me

Hi, I'm Angel! I've been playing all sorts of TTRPG games since about 3rd grade, starting with Star Wars, and eventually moving on to play everything from Vampire: The Masquerade and DnD, to games found on Kickstarter late in the night and hastily backed. I have wide and varied interests in games, but have a special place in my heart for urban fantasy, games set in an alternative Victorian England, and basically any system that includes vampires, either as PCs or NPCs. I'm a big fan of the oWoD(especially Vampire and Mage 20th Anniversary Editions), but I dabble in all sorts of Indie TTRPGs and systems outside of DnD! A couple of my other favorites are the FATE Core System and Numenera, but I am slowly expanding my knowledge to include many other systems as well. I love putting together demos and short campaigns for just about anything people are interested in and I can get my hands on. I am LGBTQ+ myself, and would be more than happy to have LGBTQ+ players! Let's explore everything TTRPG has to offer!

GM style

I am a flexible and slightly chaotic Storyteller. I tend to focus on roleplay-forward systems, and sprinkle in combat where appropriate, but try to always leave an option open to avoid it. I am very open about bending rules and/or tossing them out when they get in the way of the fun. I always highly encourage my players to try out anything and everything in-game whenever they can, I think the creativity that sparks when you're allowed to toss everything at the wall makes for much more fun games! I think the best games are when you connect with your character, your party, and the world in which they inhabit.

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