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About me

I was introduced to ttrpgs way back in the 80s when some friends were playing DnD at school. Started with the Red Box Set, and from there it was a match made in heaven! I've spent most of the past 30+ years primarily as the dungeon master/game master/keeper of secrets/storyteller for a wide variety of games. I'm not only comfortable with but also truly enjoy running a wide range of genres and game types. Dungeon crawls, murder mysteries in haunted houses, super hero origin stories: you name it, we can play it! But let's be honest: horror will always be my favorite. I tend towards looseness with game rules: if you have something you wanna try that sounds cool and we don't have rules for it? Yeah. Let's do that. You may not succeed, but hey: sometimes those failures are the stuff of legends also! Over the years, I've had a wide range of occupations. Game designer, artist, carpenter, and teacher. In addition to a wide range of game knowledge and experience, I also bring a wide range of real-world experiences. I welcome all levels of gaming experience and needs to my tables, as well as all ages! Be it just a game about looting dungeons, a team-building puzzle-oriented game for a company, or even a chance to become more comfortable with public speaking out even voice acting: I'm here for you! Let's build a world together!

GM style

Everyone has a different need, a different want in their games, and I try to include everyone. The only true rule at my tables is that YOU are not the main character: WE are. I endeavor to make my games as inclusive and fun for everyone as possible!


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