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I've been playing video and board games all my life, and tabletop RPGs for the past 13. Fantasy is my favourite genre, and D&D is my favourite system, which is why I've been DM-ing it since I started playing. After more than a decade of playing, I decided it's time to switch to running games professionally. I have a passion for cooperative storytelling, so I do everything I can to provide an amazing experience for my players. I encourage players to participate in the worldbuilding, be it a published adventure or my homebrew world. I love running longer campaigns, but I have also run published adventures and more streamlined campaigns. In my games, there is always a balance between all three pillars, exploration, combat, and social interaction. Numerous beginner groups started with me and slowly transitioned to longer, more serious campaigns, which is why I enjoy teaching new people how to play D&D, but also why I have experience with campaigns in all tiers of play. Simply put, I am an experienced and patient DM who will do his best to accommodate his players and run a story we can all enjoy together.

GM style

I run open-world, sandbox adventures with a balanced approach to combat, exploration, and roleplaying, using homebrew if it's necessary to make a particular pillar more fun. Regardless of the setting, I try to include the players in world-building and story creation, though I am not against more passive or timid players just coming along for the ride. I allow all official material and some decently made homebrew, because I want players to make the characters they really want to play. I tailor the adventures to player characters' strengths and weaknesses to provide a challenging, but fulfilling experience. If a class or subclass is on the weaker side, I usually homebrew a buff, within reason, so the players can enjoy themselves. I know the rules by heart and love teaching new players, but since I have been playing for a long time, I am also experienced with campaigns in higher tiers of play. If you want an experience tailored specifically for your group, I would be happy to provide it. I run campaigns for 2-5 players, and I want you to be one of them.

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