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About me

Hello, adventurers! I'm a former Army Officer, author, screenwriter, voice actor, director, and producer. I've been playing TTRPG for years, most recently running campaigns with a group of veterans! I come from a theater background, so I love helping people bring characters to life in story-oriented sessions. I also have more than a decade of combat arms training, so my combat and tactics can be INTENSE. I am a firm believer in the "Rule of Cool," but I am always willing to work with you if you'd prefer a strictly by-the-book session. As for Homebrew and completely custom setups, bring them on! Just expect a little higher price to account for the extra mental work. If you'd like to see more of my writing and filmmaking, check out my website at! You can follow me on Twitter or TikTok @OfficerManKorn. Apologies in advance for all the dad jokes. And if you want some (poorly) drawn versions of your characters, I can even oblige. Poorly.

GM style

You'll dive into a rich world filled with three-dimensional NPCs, vibrant settings, and dire stakes. I love to populate my universe with characters that challenge the party, both in and out of combat. Is that bartender setting you up for an ambush or genuinely in need of your help? Roll that Insight and let's find out. Combat can come at any time, but never dominates the session. When you do roll for initiative, you'll be faced with complex combat puzzles requiring communication and tactical thinking. Of course, you might just roll a nat 20 and crit the boss off the bat, but I always aim for the party to feel a satisfying sense of victory. Whether this is a one-off adventure or an epic saga, your characters will learn and grow along their own personal journeys as they endeavor to complete the quest.


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