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About me

I started DMing D&D back in the 80s. Since then I have branched out into the Hero System and World of Darkness.

GM style

I am mostly into heavy roleplaying and not so much tactical combat. However, if you like to beat on the heads of goblins with spiked clubs, I can help you with that. I do Dungeons and Dragons 5E, World of Darkness and Hero System (Champions) I started GMing back in the 80s when I was a teenager and for some reason, none of my friends wanted to GM, so it was always me, the GM. I have several years of GM experience but it has been a while. And, I am brand new to GMing online. I am used to doing it all in person. But I have figured out everything that is necessary and it shouldn't be a problem. As a Game Master, I do not have an Us vs. Them attitude. I want to see the Players have fun and I will do what I can to make it work for them. However, I do not fudge rolls and if you make a decision that will clearly cause your death, I will not stop you. Although if it is painfully obvious, I might tell you. "Look bro, if you tell the King that his mother is a cow, you might find your head on the chopping block." So that way you have a chance to think about it before you are locked into it. As far as PVP goes, same thing, I will give you a warning to think about the consequences. But if you are dead set on attacking the spellcaster in your group, you better hope he isn't great friends with everybody else in your party, because it's likely you will lose. Also, if you steal from your party members, and they catch you, I will not stop them from punishing you in whatever realistic method they desire within the game, that includes killing you.

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