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About me

The TTRPG bandwagon was something that took me a while to get on board with. I watched from a distance, enjoyed some YouTube content, and became fascinated with it, but it wasn't until quarantine that I finally decided I was going to buckle up and jump in. I found my way to StartPlaying, I connected with a GM, and before I knew it, my D&D obsession began. I've always been a writer at heart. Everything rustling around in my ADHD brain becomes a story, and that story creates a world. The idea of there being a game in which me and my friends can dive into that world in my mind and explore the story within was like a perfect marriage. Over the past few years, TTRPG's have become my creative outlet, and I love every opportunity to bring someone else along in the ride.

GM style

I am a homebrew GM through and through. Even when trying my best to play a module by the book, I find myself veering off into something completely different every time. Within my very short time as a Dungeon Master, I have fully fleshed out my own fantasy setting, created two full-length campaigns, multiple custom subclasses, a custom class, and countless monsters and creatures. In my games, nothing is ever simply black & white. Every enemy has motive, and every ally has a dark side if you look deeply enough to find it. My favorite thing as a GM is to put my players into a position where they have to make a difficult decision hanging on a thread of moral dilemmas. When playing with me, don't be surprised if you must team up with the BBEG for a period or even turn against your most trusted friends. These are the things that create a complex and compelling story to me.

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