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Trent aka Plixeon

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Trent aka Plixeonhe/him

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30 years
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1 year
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About me

I have been playing and running table-top rpg games for decades. I have experienced a vast variety of game systems in just about every genre published. I've honed my storycraft and gm style to allow characters to fell useful, relevant, and draw forth player engagement. To me, roleplaying is about the players and our shared experience in the lives of fictitious people whom we create and get to develop. My strategy is to push entertainment, then engagement, followed with fun. I quickly adapt to serious or comical adventure, puzzle solvers or murder-hobos players, and everything in between.

GM style

Are you the hero, the villain, or something else entirely? Regardless, the story is about your character. Your character will be born into a world of adventure, intrigue, challenge, and peril. Overcome trials and tribulations, solve puzzles and mysteries, battle it out and fight for the win, or take the field of combat to the social arena to match wit and guile. With the experience of playing and running roleplaying games for over 30 years, I have developed multiple styles and techniques of game mastery for a variety of players. My priorities are engagement, entertainment, and fun, all centered on you are your party of cohorts. I want to immerse into vivid worlds full of sense and emotion connections, tell epic tales or failure and scucess, and create memories and moments that will last for decades with you and your character.

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