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Erikku Blade

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Hello, I'm Erikku Blade, but you can just call me Eric. I've been running games for D&D 5e for about 3 years now and have had my fair share of experience running and playing the game. I am well versed with the rules of the game and am currently running quite a number of games. My main goal is for the players to have fun, and I do my best to ensure that each player has the best experience they can. My play style is mostly by the book, however with some exceptions. The "rule of cool" is very familiar to me, and I will gladly allow people to become creative with their actions. Whether it be attempting to combine spells, do cool monk stuff, etc. Usually comes with the trade-off of a straight ability check or something similar, to add that high risk high reward feel. My games focus very heavy on the role-play aspect, but it isn't necessarily a requirement. Though it is recommended, and if you're looking to get started role-playing then I'd gladly welcome you and try my best. The games I'll be running will focus on the Explorer's Guide To Wildemount book and will be set in that setting. Homebrew will be allowed, upon verification from me. I have my own set of homebrew material that I can provide you for the game if you're interested as well. I'm a huge fan of the Wildemount book, and think it has a lot of potential to make long lasting campaigns. I originally started DMing because it was difficult to find other people running games when I first got into D&D. So I took the role as DM. Now I absolutely love being able to create something that everyone can enjoy. I got first interested in D&D by watching TeamFourStar's TFS at the Table, but quickly became a fan of Critical Role after I inevitably stumbled across them. Critical Role is what inspired me to be a Dungeon Master and Matt Mercer to this day is still someone I look up to, but I still aim to formulate my own style of DMing. For map making, I use Inkarnate Pro for the world maps if I were to run my own homebrew campaign, but I also use Dungeon Painter Studio for the battle maps. Becoming a near expert at both programs, expect to see some well detailed maps, but also remember my own limitations as an artist as I don't feel I'm all that great of one.

GM style

Yes! I encourage role-play extremely! I do it a lot myself and wish my own players would do it more! Voice acting, character actions, weaknesses, flaws, personalities, love the lot of it!

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