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Sergio Solorzano
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About me

Wizards of the Coast DM Challenge Finalist! I love sharing in your character's story and trying to create the most fun gameplay possible! I've DMed for Adventurer's League, Comic-Con, and many hilarious home games. Homebrew and published hardcovers are both awesome.

GM style

I do my best to personalize the experience to the players, so I will tie the plot to your backstory in big ways and/or tailor combat to your builds. I'm big into roleplay and encourage players to think like their characters. You don't need to do voices or talk in first-person if you don't want, but I do tend to present scenarios in those terms - I will do the shopping episode if you want! I like tactical, map-based battles and will try to bring them out at least once per session. Overall, though, I want you to have fun, so I will be asking for and incorporating feedback!


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