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About me

I'm an RPG writer, games designer, and father. Writing and running RPGs professionally has been a dream come true, and so I always aim to provide the best experience that I can in this field. I have a great love of RP, improv, fantasy, sci-fi, and good design. And so you can expect a vibrant world filled with unique and memorable people and events. Over the years I have played many different RPGs with many different rulesets, so you can expect a level of professional knowledge and a fun, fair game where the point is to entertain everyone at the table. I largely base my games' core story on pre-generated campaigns, and as such I am able to prepare the sessions to a high quality, using any extra time to tweak the events of the story to your unique group style. So, what are you waiting for? Get in contact and we can work together to give your group the campaign of their lives!

GM style

- An active interest in your character's place in the setting, from creation to ongoing story - Dedication to learning the craft and improving the games they run every session - Environmental effects and background music that matches the scene - The three pillars of Roleplaying, Combat, and Exploration - Vibrant NPCs that respond realistically or entertainingly depending on the situation - A welcoming and positive environment, with a focus on open and honest communication of needs


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