Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Warriors of Sehanine, DnD 5e Adventure (GOLD Seller on DMsGuild)

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Looking for players for Warriors of Sehanine D&D 5e! "How dangerous is a wounded dragon? A black dragon has seized Ravenglade Keep, though not without resistance! Badly wounded in the fight, the Warriors of Sehanine h...

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How to prepare

Just show up ready to play. Try to immerse yourself into your character and into the world and enjoy creating a great story.

What I provide

Everything we need to run our game.

What else should you know

We run respectful tables and welcome all. We expect our players to be respectful of others and to come ready to share in building a great adventure together.

Gameplay Details


How Will Character Creation Work

Characters will begin at level 3 Created in Roll20 or on DnDBeyond using Standard Array or Point Buy There will be a session zero to help set the stage and help with character creation (this is a FREE session).

Players can expect







Experience Level


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