The Village of Eastpak

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The Village of Eastpak This is a 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons game. It is a sandbox style adventure that utilizes the Players Handbook, Unearthed Arcana, and some of the Dragon Magazines for its base rules....

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How to prepare

Just have some rule books handy - The rest will be in hand outs

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have fun

Gameplay Details

This game will contain the following elements - Risk/Reward (the higher the risk the greater the reward), Medium Roleplay - There will be lots of chances to role-play, Sandbox - The players will be allowed to go anywhere (There will be plenty of hooks and adventures to choose from but the players get to drive the action) - Actions and Consequences - The players will get to choose their own fate - But good consequences as well as bad. Help out that friendly mage he will be happy, do not help him he might hold a grudge. Help out that village - they will be happy. Ignore their pleas and they might not be so kind to the adventures the next time they travel through. Lots of fun for all!!

How Will Character Creation Work

Each person will be given some pregenerated characters. Whatever characters survive the first session they will be able to choose which one they would like to play. It will be a funnel for the first session.

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