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Robots, air ships, dinosaurs, magic tech, what more could you want! Eberron is an amazing setting for Dungeons and Dragons that has resulted in some of the coolest mash-ups and craziness I have ever seen at my table. T...

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How to prepare

Players will need to have Discord installed on their computer/phone, along with a webcam/microphone so we can see and hear each other. Character creation will be done with the DM over Discord. All experience levels are welcome, we are happy to teach you as we play. Players will also need an account on for building and maintaining their character sheets.

What I provide

Players will be able to learn and grow in their playing skills and forge an epic story along the way. Players will also receive images of the maps, handouts, and NPCs in the game. We have also partnered with an artist to get you custom art of your characters if you wish to commission that.

What else should you know

As this campaign allows people to come and go from it, levels may need to be adjusted for some sessions. All equipment and rewards that you are given will stay with your character.

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