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Raven Squadron is an episodic campaign for the West End Games Star Wars D6 system. Though there may be some plots that span multiple sessions, most adventures/missions will only last 1-2 sessions a piece. This'll allow p...

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How to prepare

Try to make sure you've got a good understanding of the Star Wars universe and at least general familiarity with fighter planes and aerial combat.

What I provide

Everything will be provided by either myself or the platform used.

What else should you know

Games may contain strong language, graphic descriptions, and dark themes. If any of these could be an issue, please let me know ahead of time and I can adjust things accordingly.

Gameplay Details

Just about each session, they'll be a mission briefing to go over what it is your squadron is doing for that mission. Then you climb into the cockpit and try to achieve all of your mission objectives. And, of course, try to make it back to base safely!

How Will Character Creation Work

You'll have the choice of either using pre-generated characters, or creating ones of your own. If creating new ones, we'll take care of rolling them up at the first session.

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