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This is a short campaign, consisting of about 6-8 sessions, taking place during the Rebellion Era of the Star Wars universe (Ep. 4-6). A team of 2-6 Alliance Operatives, at least one of which needing to be a Jedi Apprent...

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How to prepare

All you'll need is an account with whatever platform being used, and a headset/mic & headphones if you wish to do voice chat.

What I provide

I'll bring everything needed for the game.

What else should you know

Games may contain strong language. If this can be an issue, please let me know ahead of time and I can adjust things accordingly.

Gameplay Details

You must decipher the prophecy to determine what is needed to complete the ritual, with the Empire on your heels! You have to use your skill, wit, speed, and the Force willing, a healthy heaping of luck to figure things out before the Empire.

How Will Character Creation Work

You'll have the choice of either using pre-generated character, or creating ones of your own. If creating new ones, we'll take care of rolling them up at the first session.

Players can expect







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