MAZES fantasy roleplaying | Learn to Play MAZES Fantasy RPG

MAZES fantasy roleplaying on Roll20, Zoom

“So Adventurer, do you have what it takes to take on the BLACK MAZE OF BARGLE THE WARLOCK?” MAZES is a fresh take on the original TTRPG experience. You start at the door to adventure and quickly descend into the darknes...

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How to prepare

No need to read the rules or create a character beforehand. This will be played on ROLL20 so getting an account beforehand is a good idea.

What I provide

We will bring an introductory adventure, an in depth knowledge of the game, the rule books, and all necessary materials (all within the Roll20 interface).

What else should you know

MAZES is only currently available in traditional ZINE FORMAT. You can purchase MAZES direct through 9th Level Games and at select Local Game Shops. To find out more, visit >

Gameplay Details

As a learn to play, this session will focus on getting through a complete "maze" - a dungeon with a beginning, middle, and end. The session will focus on creating characters using MAZES (which is fast and fun), and try to get he players into the dungeon as quickly as possible. A theater of the mind game, MAZE CONTROLLERS all have different ways of presenting - but 9th Level MCs will all be ready to help and guide the players on their first MAZES experience.

How Will Character Creation Work

Character creation will happen at the start of the session. No need to have anything prepared beforehand.

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