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Anyone is welcome, but this campaign will be aimed at players new to either Dungeon World and/or role-playing games in general. It's a fantasy world we dream up collaboratively by asking each other questions. General pla...

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How to prepare

If you have a and account (along with a desktop/laptop computer, microphone and internet connection), you are ready to join the game!

What I provide

I'll bring rules knowledge, visual aids and ideas!

What else should you know


Gameplay Details

Dungeon World is a low-prep game, meaning that after we've created characters, a few questions can begin to build the world around us, the threats we face, the goals we pursue, & the relationships between these elements. We'll always rush towards the scenes we wish to play, and share the spotlight across the group so that everyone is involved as much as they'd like. the adventures we go on can be as dangerous, action-packed, serious, silly, or heartfelt as we want them to be.

How Will Character Creation Work

We'll create characters together, either in a Session Zero or when new characters need to be introduced along the way. Character creation is fast and easy, with all your options already on your character sheet for you to choose and customise.

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