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Pugmire is about playing uplifted or enlightened dogs that have created a civilization after the fall of man. It is not known why or how, but the good boys and girl want to find out why, though there are some that want t...

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How to prepare

A player will need a mic at least, webcam is not required, discord downloaded, their own dice if they wish or to use my dice roller on discord. A player does not have to have a thorough understanding of the rules, but needs to have a bit of imagination and willing to learn the rules as we play. A player does need to have a character sheet for themselves, but doesn't need to resubmit one when leveling up.

What I provide

I will bring the rule book, a discord to interact in, and a plot to hunt down.

What else should you know

If you are interested in playing please send me a message on here, an email,, with the subject of the game, or connect with me on discord, Seavale TAP#0695.

Gameplay Details

Pugmire is another game that uses the rules from the game we all know, Dungeons and Dragons. However, it is different as it is a world that is ran be enlightened animals. It follows most of the same aesthetics and designs, but with the world being a post-apocalypse and trying to find out what it means to be a good boy or girl is makes this game different but known. A game will be centered around exploring the world and adventuring. Safety Tools: I use two major safety tools, X card and lines and veils, with weekly check ins. The X card can be used at any point if a participant is uncomfortable with the content happening in-game. When the X card is used by tapping the card or typing an “X” in the chat, the group can change, rewind, or skip the content. Lines: are subjects that are never brought up or into the game, any player may add to the list. The current lines are: Sexual Assault of any kind. Veils: are subjects that are alluded to but never directly brought up or into the game, any player may add to this list as well. The current veils are: domestic abuse. Weekly Check Ins: is where I ask the group before each game if there is any Lines or Veils that the players would like to add to the list whether on a permanent basis or temporarily considering life happens and we are not fully active in each other's life.

How Will Character Creation Work

All characters will be level one and will be made along with me if they desire or if they wish to do a character on their own that is perfectly fine. Though it will be limited to just the core rulebook.

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