Honey Heist | Honey Heist.........I gotta job for you, you in?

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The good news, you and your team have planned the perfect heist....the bad? You and your crew are BEARS!...

Don't see a time that works for you?

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How to prepare

The game can be downloaded for free from here: (if you can though, please leave a few s for the creator)

What I provide

I will bring my unencumbered enthusiasm and a spare hat. I will also provide maps and tokens for all concerned and if this is a corporate game a certificate for each player.

What else should you know

Be ready for shenanigans.

Gameplay Details

Honey Heist is a 1 page RPG where you have 2 stats, bear or criminal. Balance between these two is critical as maxing out either means game over for you! The game is open ended and a simple pick up and play for all concerned. Every skill check comes down to either your Criminal or Bear stat.

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