Chronicles of Darkness | Hellscapes Paris, Ontario [Chronicles of darkness crossover]

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"I don't like being in Paris. Things here are never right If you look deep. But the Sage in their 'infinite wisdom' has assigned me here to represent us in this project. Its never been this bad here. What's worse it s...

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How to prepare

Make sure you have a roll20 and discord accounts. Both are free to use. In addition I will ask for any lines or veils you may have to build a safe environment to play in.

What I provide

I will bring both a assembled Roll20 scenario , maps and character sheets as need. As well as access to my discord server which has members that have played in games I have run. Since chronicles of darkness is not a overly tactical game, combat will likely be theater of the mind. Safety mechanics, such as lines and veils will be in place. These will be shared anonymously for peoples comfort.

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How Will Character Creation Work

Session 0 in place of the first game. If you pay for a seat for session 0, you will be added to session 2 for free. Session 0 is set for August 11, 2020. If joining after session 0, I will try and set up an hour with you to build your character for the campaign. Failing that there will be some pregens available if the player would prefer that. The characters will have starting stats from one of the following game lines. Beast Changeling Mage Promethan Werewolf.

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