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Explore your dark side in this epic 3-part villains campaign. Part 1 has your villain sacking a desert paradise city. There is something very wrong with this city though, so destroying it is like doing the world a favour...

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How to prepare

Knowledge of the game mechanics not required, although some experience in role-playing will enhance the experience. Note-taking is also a valuable skill as keeping track of clues and certain information is important. Don't worry if none in the group are particularly adept at this as I will let you know which information to write down (most of the time ;-p) No pre-made characters for this one. Players will need to create their own villainous character, we'll need about a week to prepare. In-depth detailed background are not necessary for this campaign, a couple paragraphs should suffice with the inclusion of a few details which I will supply (all part the grander scheme - bwhahahhaaaa!) Other than that, no other prep is required of the players.

What I provide

Dice, miniatures, maps, books, pencils, paper - basically, I bring everything needed to play except player characters.

What else should you know

I come to you: Anywhere within 100km of Murray Bridge, your favourite game shop, gaming club or even your own home! (venue costs at your own expense).

Gameplay Details

Characters are created by the players (no pre-made characters for this one), choosing any non-good alignment. I will work closely with each player individually prior to starting, although the group will also have the option of creating their characters together if they wish to create a team of villains rather than a group of individuals swept up together in the adventure. Disclaimer: This adventure contains graphic and strong themes of horror and violence. That being said, there are some lines I will not cross, this will be discussed during the pre-game character creation stage. At least one player (or the group as a whole) will be advised to keep accurate and comprehensive notes or journals of their characters' adventures. There are many clues scattered throughout and although they are sometimes obvious, players will still need to keep track of them. NPCs in this world will react as realistically as my imagination allows, this is a gritty hard-line adventure with appropriate moments for comic relief. Arrest and execution are likely should your villains get caught being... well villainous. Players will have the opportunity to come up with complex plans, enlist allies in unlikely places, meet interesting and compelling NPCs each with their own agendas and motivations (which may be used against them).

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