Ekotry, The Floating World of Wonders

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Ekotry, The Floating World of Wonders

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  • Duration: 4 to 4.5 hours
  • Number of players: 2 to 6 players
  • Experience required: Intermediate
  • Price per player-session

    About the adventure

    Welcome to Ekotry, the floating world of wonders! This homebrew world is completely disconnected to the forgotten realms, with a unique geography, history, society and cosmology. Let me introduce you to this project of mine. Ekotry is composed mostly by air, with a hot molten core at the center and small floating islands spread around the world. The islands can be found isolated or gathered in archipelagos. Civilizations usually prosper on the various archipelagos, creating small self-sufficient communities. The extreme distance between all these archipelagos prevents the creation of states or large political powers. Ekotry is a peaceful world, without wars or conflict between these communities. There are no other planes of existence, no demons, devils or aberrations that could harm the citizens of Ekotry but there are still many dangers in this unpredictable world of air. (Or so it seems) Our story begins on the Trinule Islands, your homeland. You were all born here and this is where your journey will begin. As you enter the tavern you sense the smells of roasted meat and goat stink that cover the sweet subtle scent of honey. Sounds of laughter and chatter fill the air, some in a more drunkish state seem to be at the beginning of a song. People, dressed in goats furs and leather, exchange stories near the unlight fireplace of this warm summer night. As the sun slowly sinks outside, candles are lighted and fill the rooms with their small lights. The Trinule Islands are just a handful of landmasses, each connected by some small rope bridges. Their main resource comes from the goats that prosper in these rocky and grassy islands. Beekeeping is also another source of food and income, as the wax is used in the production of candles. Each year, pilgrims and tinkerers stop by these islands on their travels with their hot air balloons and trade with the community for materials and tools. On each island you can find one or more families living together, having their own little homes and farms, depending on what kind of terrain they have. One rocky island has a constant stream of water all year long, there you can find the tanner, the woodcutter and the water supplies. Inside the thick woods, you can find Granny, an old hag with her goats. She is a respected member of the community as herbalist, medic and veterinarian even though she is the subject of many children's bedtime stories. Another source of scary stories: the old wizard’s island. One upon a time, a wizard moved to this archipelago and built his home upon a tiny rocky island, far away from the others and surrounded by dangerous winds. In exchange for their hospitality, he taught the villagers how to write and read and built a tiny library for them, with even an arcane book for the smartest. One night he disappeared and never returned, until to this day, no one ever managed to reach his house. We are beginning our adventure during the warm summer season. Something afflicted the goats the last few days and they have been suffering from acute diarrhea. Granny asked the elders to recruit some youngsters to help her and collect the necessary ingredients. My fellow players, you are these young adventurers. Pantheon: There are no celestial gods with unlimited powers in the world of Ekotry, there are no upper planes, angels or perfect beings. Ekotry’s Gods are creatures that have collected enough power and faith to be considered a god. They are not immortal, or omniscient, they have mortal limits and flaws. Someone so brave could also challenge one of these gods and take his place. These are the Gods of Ekotry: Wondro, God of the Unbounded Winds: Also called the Titanium Hollyphant, he rules the wild winds of Ekotry. Chaotic in nature, he loves to travel the world, drifting through the air and prank people. His holy Symbol is a little Elephant with wings and has many temples spread all around the globe. His clerics are pushed to travel through the world. Wondro is a titanium-furred Hollyphant, smaller in size compared to the normal Hollyphants that populate the world. (Tempest, Trickery Domain) CN. Rakros, God of Cinder: An Ancient Red Dragon with fleshless wings that claims the dead and transforms their bodies in ashes so that the winds can claim their souls. Rakros lives under the clouds, near the core of the world. Following Ekotry’s traditions, the corpses are put on a parachute, so that the bodies can slowly fall down to the center of the world where Rakros burns them. His holy symbol is a molten core with the shape of a dragon heart. (Death, Grave, Light Domain) NN. Thelet, God of Reality: The oldest Warforged in history, guardian of infinite knowledge and protector of this world. Thelet guards Forintal, one of the biggest cities in the world, known for its infinite libraries and its prestigious Arcane University. Thelet wants to preserve and protect knowledge, not to spread it. Its clerics are sworn to protect this world and destroy any abomination. His holy Symbol is a circle with missing pieces and a core in the middle that varies material depending on the rank. (Magic, Knowledge and Order domain) LN. Bellasta, God of Unity: She is considered the only omniscient creature in Ekotry, with infinite knowledge, she can appear with many forms anywhere around the world and quickly vanish. Manifestations of herself appear when someone is in need of knowledge and answers. She is the counterpart to Thelet, she wants to spread knowledge, creating a new era of technological, medical and magical advancement. She wants civilizations to grow and prosper. Her holy symbol is a small humanoid newborn. (Life, Knowledge, Love domain) NG. Hatrox, God of Rebirth: An immortal creature, his goal is to collect all the floating islands into one continent, expand it and slowly reforge the world, filling the gaps. He resides in the biggest island of this world, a masterwork of metal and earth. His clerics live there and only leave to collect new workforce and new islands to connect to the main one: Pangea. His holy symbol is a metal ball, each cleric has its own, with each a different and more complicated puzzle to open it. The clerics have to build it themself. (Forge Domain) NN Gallera, God of Destiny: This Dusk Hag started as the greatest fortune teller in Ekotry with a deep connection with the beats and plants of this world. Now, people from all over the world pilgrimage to Gallera, searching for enlightenment. Her signs appear everywhere and her clerics are taught to listen to these signs: a tree dying, a flower blooming early or birds flying away. Her holy symbol is a wooden staff with a circle on top and vines coming out from the circle. (Nature, Life, Twilight Domain) NG.

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    Additional Details

    How to prepare

    Every player should have a working microphone, an account on discord for the voice chat and a account on roll20 for the actual game table. Players should have a base understanding of how to use roll20. The most important thing to bring to this table: Ideas and imagination!

    What I provide

    I will bring an immersive and vast world, filled with life and history, together with inkarnate maps, new monsters, magics and items.

    Gameplay Details

    Expect a world free to explore, mystery to uncover and strange creatures to study, interact or slay. This is a sandbox game where the players choices heavily influence the story and the world, starting from their backstories. There are many secrets in this world for you to uncover during the sessions! Milestone leveling system used.

    How will character creation work

    This campaign starts at lv1 and is divided in narrative arcs, the first one will be set on the starting archipelago. The second story arcs will depends on the character choices and will be an open world exploration adventure. Everything that is D&D official material can be used. UA material allowed only after the consent of the DM. HB material is not allowed. There are some changes and restrictions for the races and subclasses that are written below. Tahsa's Cauldron of Everything changes to classes are accepted. Players that already have a character idea in mind, after the session 0 where I will give even more information about my world, can start finishing their backstory and character sheet on roll20. Race Restriction: Aarakocra, Tritons, Winged Tieflings, Sea Elves, Aasimars, Gith and Yuan-ti Pureblood are not playable races. Custom lineage cannot be chosen. Many races have a different lore in this world especially Loxodons, Tieflings, Kalashtars, Elves and Dragonborns. Dragonborns have tails and have a direct bloodline with dragons. Kalashtar don’t have a quori, when they sleep they find themself in another terrible dimension filled with horrors that no one else can see. They have this curse that some kalashtar see as a blessing. Tieflings don’t have a devil bloodline, they are very rare and they are treated and seen as mutated mistakes of nature by most people. People fear them or hate them, because there is nothing like that in this world. No one really knows why some babies are born tieflings, but there are a lot of myths that range from flawed science to magic theories. Tieflings are persecuted by clerics of Thelet, killing anyone that they find. Loxodons have a bloodline directly connected to Hollyphants. Elves can live much longer then 700 years and no one in the world has seen an elf dying of old age. However, elf newborn are so rare, they are considered a miracle of Gallera. Half-elves are instead very common. Class restriction: Fiend and Old Ones warlocks and Aberrant Mind Sorcerers can be chosen, but the origin of your powers are unknown to your character and such powers are seen as dangerous and alien to the common folk, and directly hunted by the Clerics of Thelets.

    Players can expect

    • Combat/Tactics: Medium
    • Roleplay: Medium
    • Puzzles: Low
    • Experience Level: Intermediate

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