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Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Zoom

A D&D beginners mini-campaign for up to kids, ages 7-12! Session 1: - Character creation in D&D 5e - How to use D&D Beyond - Basic game mechanics - Starting the adventure! - End with Q&A Session 2-4: - Any questions ...

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How to prepare

Explanation of the rules of the game will happen in Session 1. We will start off slow and be very forgiving to new and beginner players. The only software needed will be Zoom (webcam/microphone required), and a web browser to open up D&D Beyond. Printouts of characters are optional.

What I provide

All other visible materials will be shown through screen sharing in Zoom, including maps, battlemaps, handouts, etc.

What else should you know

Be open to learning something new! Don't be afraid of making mistakes! HAVE FUN with your fellow players!

Gameplay Details

Our sessions are all about three things: 1) Learning how to play 2) Allowing kids who have had experience with D&D to interact and mentor new players 3) FUN The first session will be character creation, then we'll transition into how to use the D&D Beyond application. Then, the adventuring begins! We'll be using Zoom for interaction, and with a printout of your character and some dice (or using an online dice roller), the play will be very laid-back and fun! The adventure is very forgiving, and is set for kids of this age range. And of course, we'll be using D&D Safety tools to make sure kids feel comfortable at the (virtual) table and are having as much fun as possible. Any other questions, please feel free to email me directly!

How Will Character Creation Work

Character creation will happen in Session 1 through the use of D&D Beyond, and characters will start at level 1.

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