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This is a frozen wasteland after the end of the world, day after tomorrow meest the matrix. The world is crazy and savage, people live in the spires, what's left of the skyscrapers of the past that pierced the frozen sur...

Don't see a time that works for you?

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How to prepare

Watch mad max, the matrix, day after tomorrow or any other apocalypse or post apocalypse movie. Think about your characters place in it.

What I provide

I'll have the game and a bunch of world and NPCs for you to wreck. Access to the book and playbooks. I'll set everything up in roll20 and create a character token for you.

What else should you know

Read the player section of the book and all the basic moves, then you should be good to go. Be kind and courteous to the other players. Employ the "Yes and" or "no but " principles. Remember to be a fan of each other and share the spotlight. This is a game and we can always pause if there is a problem.

Gameplay Details

This is an Apocalypse world game, so it's story focused with a 2d6 resolving dice mechanic. The playbooks the game uses to make characters can be put together in 30 mins or less, mostly with little help from the MC, their version of DM. The game starts with introductions to each other's character and with where they are. Then into the actions.

How Will Character Creation Work

Make them beforehand, I'll help and no duplicates. Also don't worry about sex moves, we will not be going there ;)

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