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Millennia have past since the colossal Titans waged war against the Dragons, a mysterious cosmic force saw fit to spare the mortal races from this war's collateral damage and performed two miracles: Imprisoned the Gods a...

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How to prepare

I will take the time prior to starting to engage with each player individually to discuss their characters. Each player may decide their level of engagement: Light Engagement (create a character or use a pre-made that I can provide, no backstory necessary, player would follow the party and just have fun: or Heavy Engagement (create a character with in depth backstory, frequent contact with me to discuss how character fits in with my homebrew world and together create an elaborate personal story that will entwine with the main plot and maybe even with that of the other characters!) Apart from the main plot, the whole point to to create a story of intertwined destinies.

What I provide

I bring enough dice for everyone. I bring books, maps, miniatures, scenery, props, etc.

What else should you know

I come to you. Anywhere within 100km of Murray Bridge. Additional travel beyond that costs extra but I am willing to travel extra distance. You choose the location, favourite game shop, club or even your own home (venue cost at your own expense).

Gameplay Details

This long campaign engages players on a number of levels, plenty of role playing opportunities, tons of combat and puzzles (often at the same time!). Players create detailed backstories which are woven into the main plot to be revealed in surprising and fun ways, their character's destinies are in their own hands but what unexpected twists await?

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