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Being a professional Game Master has never been easier. With the tools and features of StartPlaying, you can... start running your games today.

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The Best of the Best

Since we launched in September 2020, our Game Masters have made over 3 million dollars running games. We're committed to creating communities through play and helping our Game Masters grow their business.

If you've been a pro for years or are just starting out, we're stoked you're here. We make tools for all levels of pro GMs. From Fulltime GMs to those who just want to cover thier dice addiction by running games.

Why Join StartPlaying?

I can list a few reasons; Verified reviews, payment security, making taxes easier, built-in marketing, first class support, incredble partnerships and activation opportunities, training resources and more.

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Lowest Fees

Compared to AirBnB Experiences, Fivver, and other marketplaces, StartPlaying has the lowest fees for Game Masters. We take 10% fee from GM bookings

Biggest Audience

We're focused on constantly growing our platforms player base. We're running ads and outreach programs constantly, while also partnering with the best companies in the industry.

Most Secure

We ensure payments to make sure you get paid. If fraud is committed, we'll cover the cost out of our own pocket.

Tons of features to help you manage your sessions, with more coming out each week!
Easily schedule and keep track of your games with our built-in calendar function
We advertise on the internet for you at no extra cost
Access to exclusive industry data compiled by our team members

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