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About the adventure

Attention Mohkba Citizens Your Monarch is seeking commoners, tradesman and adventurers to strike out and move to the village of Rybalka. Any who set out will receive the following benefits: - Any taxes owed are forgiven - Crimes forgiven (Excludes High Crimes) - Will be given 30gp either in Gold or Provisions to help you settle in Rybalka If interested please see Master Tradesman Sheon and he will be able to answer any questions you may have. (signed) King Tokolvor XIII You will be playing in the Aventyr Campaign Setting. This campaign will have a mixture of overland and underworld travel. The main Adventure is Rise of The Drow. You will be going from 1st - 15th level by the end of the campaign. Perhaps even further depending on how much exploring the group does. My games are open to each and everyone either Veterans or Newer Players. I have done campaigns with younger players so that will not be a problem with me. All of my games are LGBTQ+ Friendly. As I said above I welcome everyone to my games.

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Additional Details

How to prepare

You will need a good microphone. A free Forge account A free D&D Beyond Account A free Discord account. This is how I communicate with my players during and between gaming sessions. A basic understanding of 5e would be nice. If this is your first time playing D&D. No worries I can help create your character and answer your questions.

What I provide

I will bring all of the books I own in D&D Beyond. Which is about 90% of what they have. I use Animated tokens and Maps wherever I can. I use animations and sounds for magic and combat to increase the immersion of my games. My goal is to make my games as enjoyable and as easy as possible to play and enjoy. I encourage each and everyone of my players to create backgrounds that I can incorporate into the campaign to increase the players fun and immersion. I will bring an imaginative and creative world for you to explore and discover.

Gameplay details

This is a promise that I make to my players. I will always set expectations and check in with players before the game has started to see what a player are and are not comfortable with. I'm here to provide a fun and enriching experience. Under no circumstances would I want to alienate or make a player uncomfortable. There are always unfortunate realities in any realistic fantasy setting, but as this is a game, I am more than comfortable glossing over or entirely avoiding subjects players may be uncomfortable with. While I am willing to avoid almost any topic if a player requests, here is a list of content that I may have in my games if not requested otherwise: - Descriptions of Physical Violence - Blood - Gore - Harm to animals (fighting Beasts is a part of DnD) - Harm to children (referenced death, never abuse) - Racism - Sexism - Cultural conflicts - Claustrophobia (Walls closing in due to traps, or being stuck under an avalanche are some examples) - Freezing to death - References to genocide (This is a rarity but some Races in my worlds are rarer than others) - Heatstroke - Natural Disasters - Paralysis/physical restraint (Hands restrained with rope/manacles, Chained to a wall are most common) - Police/police Aggression - Self-harm - Severe weather - Starvation - Terrorism - Thirst - References to Torture (This is usually describing a victim you come across in game.) - Existential Horror/Dread Next is a list of content that I will NEVER have in any of my games, I expect my players to read and understand what is not allowed in my games. If a player is found to be attempting to engage in any of these topics I will give one warning. If the behavior is not immediately corrected you will be ejected from my game without further warning and you will not be allowed to return to my table again. - Animal abuse - Child abuse - Excessively detailed descriptions of gore - Homophobia - Real world religion - Gaslighting - Pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion - Sexual assault - Torture - Sex Scenes Romances between player characters must have the consent of all players involved and if it is not present I will expect that it won't be pursued in any capacity. Romances between player characters and non player characters are possible. Without spoiling the plot or story, it’s safe to say you’ll encounter some scary things, and that your character could die. There will be things with more eyes or legs or tentacles than seem reasonable, things that ought to be dead but aren’t, things you character will wish they could unsee. In session zero we’ll discuss content that we should leave out, for the safety and comfort of all participants.

Content warnings


Safety tools used
  • Aftercare
  • Breaks
  • Debriefing
  • Lines and Veils
  • Luxton Technique Discussion
  • Open Door
  • Session 0
  • Stars and Wishes
  • X, N, and O Cards
How will character creation work

Character creation will be done in D&D Beyond and than brought over into Foundry., Character creation will take place over Discord and in Session 0 Ability scores can either be rolled or you may choose to use the standard array When rolling you may roll till you have two at least at or above 14. I use Tashas variant so that you can place a +2 on one Ability score and a +1 on another. This will allow your characters to follow their own path instead of what has been written.

Players can expect

  • Combat/Tactics: High
  • Roleplay: Medium
  • Puzzles: Low
  • Experience Level: Open to all

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