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Highly rated for: Visual Aid, Creativity, Teacher

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Response rate: 100%

About me

Hello there adventurer, i see you crave adventure, grab a tankard and let me tell you a bit about myself. Once upon a time, there was a handsome, likeable and funny fella, hanging out with a group of friends, i was there too. We agreed it was time to try out a bit of Dungeons and Dragons shiny new FIFTH EDITION!!!, and yes we yelled the name. But there was no Dungeon Master around us, so i decided i didnt like having free time and took the mantle of what turned out to be... THE FEARED FOREVER MASTER. Now im stuck in this digital world, tasked with entertaining some weirdos who decided they wanted to be un alive, so they became adventurers instead of bakers or medics or veterinarians, i like dogs, they are cute, i will present you with doggos in your adventures, and you better pet them, seriously, the guy who put me in charge said i have the power to control reality or something, he turned me into this gloomy floating head with unattached hands, its creepy, but hey, i can cast cool lightning bolts!. Oh yes the aventure, well i dont know, tell you what, i will ask you and the rest of your party what do you expect to do and i will figure out how to procure said content with my magic hands. I will wait for you in the only dark spot in this tavern, looking at you all mysterious until you decide to talk to me, hurry up tho, the drinks in this bar are expensive and of course you are paying, i dont have pockets!. I also do funny stuff on camera so you can laugh at me. Here is a short video showing off some of the cool features i have for my games: ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^

GM style

I want my players to fell that the experience is tailored according to their input and personal requests, the world will evolve and react in response of their actions. Your character, your story, make it yours! You dont need to be the center of attention all the time, but you should try to be memorable and i would love to work with you so we can fit your weird ideas in the game. FoundryVTT will take care of most of the math so we can focus on roleplaying for flavour, making each interaction fell immersive.


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