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About me

Hi! I’m Zeno and I grew up with games.  My dad started with the Red Box. My mom started in 2nd edition. I’ve been playing in a weekly game since near birth. I can’t remember a time before I was playing. Soon I ran my own games with my own groups. I’ve always been a DM first, player second, but in a house with two static DM’s I needed to build my own groups.  Soon I was running a Pathfinder 1E games for one group, DND 5E games for a different group and Fantasy Flight Star Wars RPG for another group! Until the pandemic put a quick end to in-person gaming. That first six months was pretty rough. I poured myself into my work and writing but it was not a simple change. The more I wrote and the more content I created just created a further longing for me to return to the table.  I hoped to always return to in person games but after six months little in the world had changed. I was worried that I could not transition everything to a digital environment. The props, the voices, the mannerisms, the engaging story and most of all the dynamic relationship with the characters. But the only logical path forward to continue doing what I loved was to go digital.  After a few weeks I quickly found out what I was missing.  Nothing. Not only was I able to bring my style of game to a digital audience but I actually thrived there. I got to run games for so many wonderful players. I got to reach an international audience that I would have never been able to play with otherwise and run games for players young and old, beginner and experienced players. Much love to all my players and fellow gamers for all the support that makes this wonderful gig of running a memorable game possible! If you are interested in Dungeons and Dragons, or Role-playing in general, or just want to introduce yourself, kick me over a message and let’s get playing!

GM style

I incorporate all three elements of Role-playing into my games. Exploration, roleplaying and action all play a part. I don’t run games with a single focus. All Roleplay and no combat or combat only games are not my cup of tea. I would suggest finding a GM that more suits that style of game. Every session should have a bit of each of these three pillars to really tell a full story and create a rich experience. I want players to be engaged in a living, breathing world. I find that this works best when the GM and players work together and collaborate to really bring an immersive story to life through their actions.  So many games have a paid to win trigger attached to them. Mine do not. If you want a game where you are guaranteed to come out victorious, my games are probably not for you. Though character deaths are rare, I warn people I play legit. If you want to vanquish your foes in combat, you’re going to have to earn it. Because of this combat can be brutal but if you survive and claim your prize you will have truly done something by your skill and sword, or sometimes by your luck, and will have accomplished something epic indeed.  I use an immersive descriptive theater of mind play style for exploration and a virtual table top for combat. I mostly run wonderful preset adventures from the Dungeons and Dragons team with modifications as I see fit as every group wants different things. I will utilize every tool at my disposal that I think brings value to the game. Props, handouts, custom maps, unique API scripts, cinematic cutscene and custom movies, original artwork, and more. Some games may get these things while others do not. It’s all for the betterment of the player experience so whatever makes that go better I will run. If you have never played before I would love to introduce you to the game. Dungeons and Dragons can be confusing to jump right into without someone to give you a helping hand. Getting new players into this incredibly rewarding hobby is something that gives me tremendous joy and it would be my pleasure to introduce you to it. I also have tons of resources available for players new and old. I use Discord to chat,Wiki to post information about my games, YouTube for teaching videos and cinematic trailers, Roll20 forums to document game resources and to run the virtual combats. These tools are there to help ease new players into the game as well as provide brand new tricks for veteran players. 

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