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About me

I've been playing D&D for 20+ years, the vast majority of that behind the DM screen. D&D is far and away my favorite game, though I'm also fond of Blades in the Dark. I like both long-running campaigns and shorter, more focused roleplaying experiences, and I have taught a lot of folks how to play. I'm a fan of bringing new people into the hobby just as much as I enjoy playing with veterans who've been at this rpg thing for a while.

GM style

Safety and fun are the two guiding stars for me as a GM. I want all of my players to feel safe and respected at my table by me and the other players around us, and work to foster a player community that is both fun and kind. I like to place an emphasis on story, though I am fond of tactical combat. I cater to each group's tastes here, but my ultimate goal is to make the game fun and engaging for all of us, whether there's a social encounter happening, exploration, or combat. I'm always thrilled to give players room to explore their characters alongside one another and encourage interparty roleplay when everyone is comfortable with that, as well as exploration of the world your characters are living in. I hew very closely to the "be a fan of the characters" mentality of GMing, and strive to bring a sense of verisimilitude in the worlds I build and the way it responds to players' actions.


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