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About me

Welcome, Adventurers! I'm Zach, a seasoned Role-player with 20+ years of experience with TTRPG's, and 15+ years as a DM/GM. In the decades I've been playing, I've seen and played just about every genre there's been; Classic Fantasy, Swords and Sorcery, Sci-Fi, Horror, Cyberpunk, Weird West, Contemporary, and so many more that I've loved along the way. Anyone at my table will find themselves in a world rich in backstory and ready to provide or support a story that everyone can enjoy. I typically run games on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, and will usually cater the balance of combat to Roleplaying to the tastes of each group. I've loved playing D&D and other ttrpg's since I was young. My Dad taught me and my siblings how to play when I was barely a teen and the game's stuck with me. Since then I've played and run just about every kind of game you can think of, and I've learned a lot along the way. I look forward to storytelling with you!

GM style

I will try and cater each game to the desires of the players. I can never pick between favorites, there's something to love in a game that's only roleplay and storytelling, but there's also something delightfully satisfying in wargames and dungeon-crawls. I do my best with character voices, though I'll admit they tend towards the cartoon and over-the-top style of voices. I'm sure you have as many ideas for stories to tell as I do, and the way I see it, My job is to facilitate the weaving of those stories into a Tapestry we can all take joy and pride in as we play.

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