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About me

Hey! Yuri here. I have been enjoying TTRPGs for a while, both as a player and a game master in many different styles of play and systems. I am currently a player in several live streamed actual plays, but I am definitely a storyteller at heart. And I am a firm believer in that every story is worth telling. I love the power that words hold, and love collaborative storytelling. It is a way I feel I can help people. Through giving you the escapism you crave, making you feel like you a part of something larger than yourself, or working on different facets of yourself through your characters and their new experiences. Lighthearted, heroic, sci-fi, fantasy, and even grim-dark or horror. All stories have a place at my table. So let’s go on an adventure!

GM style

I usually homebrew campaigns that are sandbox style; where every decision you make influences the story. I really enjoy the improv aspect of it on my part, and have done all kinds of campaigns; from medieval and Greek to sci-fi and Victorian horror. I also do smaller campaigns with a more linear, video-game style plot and lots of handholding for those who are beginners in their dice journey. Newbies have a special place in my heart, and I love helping those who are newer in the hobby. Do you like role play? Political intrigue? Gritty combat? Complex puzzles? A movie-worthy plot? Let me know what your favorite part of TTRPGs is and I’ll give you more of it. Don’t know? Then let’s play and find out! (If you already have a group and only need the Game Master, go ahead and let me know what kind of game you all want to play and I can make a custom campaign for you.)


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