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Hello Video game designer and DM here ready to help you create a fantastic adventure with you! I have been playing DnD over the years, free and paid, and I have been DMing for a year. It seems like my knowledge of game design in video games translates pretty well in TTRPGs from the comments I get comparing my DMing style to more experienced people in the industry! I am currently working on unannounced video game projects and worked on Ducky Bouncy, which is now on Steam! I plan to host and prepare DnD sessions at night and work on video games during the day. You can join my DnD discord server here:

GM style

Here is what you can expect from my games: 1) Challenging combat. 2) A world developed around your characters. 3) Some homebrew when it comes to your characters and the monsters. (Yes, I am down to allow players to play some homebrew stuffs!) 4) "Interesting" encounters. 5) Fairness between the players' time (no one takes all the spotlight). Here is what you shouldn't expect: 1) Extremely rigid rules. (The fun comes before the rules) 2) Me running the prewritten adventures by the books. 3) Favoritism towards players.

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