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About me

Step into the realm of adventure with a Yeti at your side! With over 15 years of dedicated storytelling and world-crafting expertise, I specialize in the immersive realms of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. From epic sagas to intricate one-shots, I bring to life captivating narratives filled with rich characters, engaging combat, and boundless creativity. Nearly every NPC has a voice, every corner of the world holds a mystery, and every player's journey is tailored to their desires. Whether you're delving into the depths of a long campaign or seeking a quick, thrilling escapade, I'm here to guide you through unforgettable adventures while hopefully having a laugh along the way! Embrace the unknown and let your imagination soar under my guidance as we embark on epic and fun quests together!

GM style

I excel at role play heavy games with political intrigue and mystery. I voice as many characters as possible to really bring life and immersion to your story. On the flip side of role playing there will be engaging combat, after all, who doesn't want to use that new magical item they just purchased from the strange merchant or looted in the buried crypt?!


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