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About me

I want to run DnD more often and be compensated enough that I can focus on running DnD games for most of my time. I also specialize in running Westmarches style campaigns where each session is a one-shot style quest that has a definite beginning, middle and end. However, each session still belongs to a shared world and all the players are members of the same adventuring guild. I've successfully ran such a game for 3 years since the start of the pandemic. It's about time I try and open this kind of game up to more people.

GM style

As a Game Master, I started out with a much more narrative focused style. I am a passionate story teller and I do think that comes across in my games. However, I also have a great appreciation for the spontaneity and the near magical property of dice rolls and mechanisms that dictate the direction of a story in ways even I cannot predict. I am not afraid to completely scrap something I've crafted if I think the current spontaneous development is much more interesting. I am quite accustomed to flying by the seat of my pants and it's almost always a wild ride. I fully expect my players to be confident story tellers in their own right unless I'm specifically running an introductory newbie game. Expect a sandbox style campaign that can go into multiple directions - depending on where my players decide to go. I tend to create big worlds and I am fully prepared to have my players poke and prod wherever they may please.

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