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About me

I have been a gamemaster for 25 years and about 27 years as a player though my GM to Player percentage is 90/10. I got my start in Advanced D&D but through the years I've been a GM for dozens of game systems. I'm one of those GMs also capable of handling big groups with the most I've ran simultaneously was 25 players. Though I've run a lot of game systems, i have the most experience and prefer running the following games: D&D 5e, D&D 3.5, Pathfinder 1, Mutants and Masterminds, Shadowrun, Marvel Super Heroes (FASERIP), Rifts and Starfinder. I'm the type of GM who creates cinematic and epic adventures and likes to challenge my players. I homebrew a lot of things in both rules and content but are mostly to facilitate games more efficiently while keeping them fun and creative. I am also a professional game developer and game designer for about 14 years. I have also already been featured guest DM on official WOTC podcast Dragon Talk. For the game, I use Foundry and i run it via the Forge VTT Server. I use discord though for video and audio.

GM style

As a GM, my games tend to be more combat-oriented, but role-playing is definitely important as well. Think of it as 65% combat and 35% roleplaying. Strategy and tactical skills are important as well. I do give extra experience rewards to good roleplayers, so do take note of that. I tend to be very generous with how characters build their characters because i want them to feel empowered, but in return, the encounters are designed to challenge them more.


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