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About me

I have been a DM/GM for over 10years, in all that time I have yet to find the one TRUE adventuring party! Are you the ones to be the perfect players and with stead fast resolve conquer all obstacles enemies and sinister magics I throw your way?!!! Be prepared for mythic stories, moral dilemmas, and overly described mundane furniture to be suspicious of! If you choose me as your GM I promise fun times, well I'll TRY for fun times...... I'm a decades long GM and been encouraged by my players recently to try running games on platforms like this one. Was told I put a lot of effort into system/setting knowledge and making sure each player gets moments to shine and we have a great time while at the table. My Love for TTRPGs is very strong and the stories, skills, fun, knowledge, and improve that the game elicits bring such fun and joy to the players. I try to be flexible for what the table needs; whether that's being more crunchy in a session having tables for everything or if we want to narratively play out a cool scene with minimum rolls . Mainly play Pathfinder 2e on Foundry VTT

GM style

Enjoy role-play and try to have scenes that make it shine while I do tend to get into the crunchy side of things in combat though never opposed to the rule of cool. I try to voice most npc's and play music that fits the tone of the scene. Honestly enjoy the rules and while I bend and break them, will definitely reward players who play with in the rules but come up with inventive solutions. I prefer to see what people like and try to feed players more of their own personal TTRPG tea.


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